Welcome to the C.E.W. Bean Foundation website honouring Australian war correspondents.

The C.E.W. Bean Foundation champions the commemoration of the seminal writings and dispatches of Australia’s War Correspondents, most prominent amongst them being Charles Bean.

Our signature project has been the completion of a memorial to all those War Correspondents, Photographers and Artists that have captured and recorded Australian activities in war. The War Correspondents Memorial was completed and dedicated on 23 September 2015, in the grounds of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. The Board is very grateful for the donations and support pledged by Australians from all walks of life.

Welcome to our website

Australia has produced many significant and highly respected war correspondents. Amongst their number are Damien Parer (1912-1944); Will Dyson (1880-1938); Alan Moorehead (1910-1983); George Morrison (1862-1920); William Lambie (1860-1900); Donald McDonald (18599-1932); Chester Wilmot (1911-1954); and Keith Murdoch (1885-1952).

The C.E.W. Bean Foundation has been established to honour Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean, Australia’s official war correspondent and historian of the Great War and to commemorate Australian war reporting generally.

This includes the works of journalists, photographers, artists, film makers and camera crews. The aim of the C.E.W. Bean Foundation is to build and now promote a permanent reminder to this distinguished band of Australians whose contribution to understanding our history goes far beyond their dispatches from the front. The Foundation is supported by the National Press Club, the National Library of Australia, and the Australian War Memorial. It was established with the assistance of the National Council for the Centenary of Federation.

On the pages of this website, you will find out about C.E.W. Bean and his role as a War Correspondent and Official Historian. You will find out about our Events, past and present, and we invite you to be involved. There is a page of leads for Researchers, called “News From the Front”, that we intend to help journalists, researchers, scholars and interested people learn more.

Our original website was hosted by our partners at the National Press Club for many years. Our new website here was built by the C.E.W. Bean Foundation with financial assistance from a donor, and with technical advice from the Australian War Memorial.

The C.E.W. Bean Foundation is particularly grateful to the National Press Club and the Australian War Memorial for assistance in hosting and developing our websites, past and present.

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